Thermally treated sets -
Spruce tops and Maple sets for Violin, Viola and Cello

Violin (Thermo)

Spruce (picea abies) & Maple (acer pseudoplatanus) 

Viola (Thermo)

Spruce (picea abies) & Maple (acer pseudoplatanus) 

Cello (Thermo)

Spruce (picea abies) & Maple (acer pseudoplatanus) 

Cello tops are sawn as two pieces!  

Sound posts, bass bars, brace wood (Thermo)

Spruce (picea abies) 

All prices in Swiss Francs (CHF) without VAT / postage / packaging  

Grading criteria Spruce Top:

  • Quality (I): Straight, regular and tight grained, uniform color
  • Quality (II) : Tight grained, tending to somewhat more open grain spacing on the outer edge, slight color variation possible (winter growth)
  • Quality (III) : Wider grain spacing, slight color variation and/or curved or wavy grain possible

Grading criteria Maple Set:

  • I - Very nice flamed
  • II - Nice flamed
  • III - Flamed

Instruments that our customers have built with our wood: 


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