Tonewood for further processing for upright and Grand Piano, Harpsichord and Harp - Spruce (picea abies)

We cut rift sawn lumber in our own mill in Bergün.
All wood we offer is from Switzerland and all spruce is FSC certified (FSC 100%). 

Quarter sawn boards for Piano, Grand Piano, 
Harpsichord & Harp

Spruce (picea abies) 

Soundboard Ribs for Harpsichord, Upright and Grand Pianos

Spruce (picea abies)  

Should you require other dimensions, please indicate the quantity, quality and dimensions of individual boards. We will gladly respond with a price quotation.

All prices in Swiss Francs (CHF) without VAT / postage / packaging   

Grading criteria Tonewood:

  • 1. Quality: Straight, very regular and tight grained, uniform color, free of defects, max. deviation of quarter sawn cut approx. 10° (ribs: 1-2 cut spots possible (resin))
  • 2. Quality: Wider grain spacing, color variation and/or curved or wavy grain possible, max. deviation of quarter sawn cut approx. 20° (ribs: 1-2 cut spots possible (resin))

Instruments that our customers have built with our wood:


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