Hardwood sets (back/sides) - For acoustic guitars and head plates, fingerboard, bridges 

Maple - Set Guitar 

(acer pseudoplatanus)

Ash - Set Guitar

(fraxinus excelsior)

 Black walnut - Set Guitar
(juglans nigra)

 London plane tree - Set Guitar
(platanus x acerifolia)

Gleditsia - Set Guitar
(gleditsia triacanthos)

Wild service tree - Set Guitar
(sorbus torminalis)

Maple - Set Arch Top Guitar 

(acer pseudoplatanus) 

Head plates / finger board / bridges

All prices in Swiss Francs (CHF) without VAT / postage / packaging

Our hardwoods are classified 
from very beautifully grained (AAA) to plain (A).

Instruments that our customers have built with our wood: 


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